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The company

At the outskirts of the 21st century, MIL OIL Hellas S.A. is founded, with creator and visionary Athanassioss Tsagkalidis. In this difficult task, with him, his two elder sons Nikolaos and George Tsagkalidis, whose main object was the trading of conventional fuels and motor oils and lubricans. The extensive experience in the field of commerce of Athanassioss Tsagkalidis, where he has been a managerial executive, with great success, in multinational fuel and lubricant companies and as a part of his private initiative representing the ELF companies, TOTAL FINA. After a five-year upward trend in motor oils and conventional fuels, it was decided to expand the company's activity to the production, of a particularly innovative sector, of biodiesel and other renewable energy sources. At the beginning of this effort, at the end of 2005, Athanasios Tsagalidis completely abruptly dies, this unfortunate event did no hinder the company's progress at the entrance to biodiesel production.

During this period, the third son of the three brothers Anastasios was incorporated into the management team of the company, having completed his studies as an Oil and Gas Technologist. After a two-year implementation period in November 2007, prior the decision to install a biodiesel plant, the company started operating in a state-of-the-art automated biodiesel production facility of 10,000 tons per year and proceeded to deliver its first Biodiesel to the Hellenic Petroleum complying with the annual quota it was given. Since then, the company has been operating and has been continuously involved in the annual Biodiesel quota, implementing all required ISCC and ISO 9001 certifications, as well as additives that ensure corporate and environmental responsibility (ISO 14001). Throughout this route, the company has set up a large network of oilseed energy crops based on contractual farming, reaching contracts with Greek producers with a total area of ​​approximately 60.000 acres. There is a great deal of sensitivity and interest in recycling, incorporating to a large extent used vegetable oils and fats in the production of Biodiesel.